Terms of Service

These Terms and Conditions govern your use of (Prymefans) and your agreement with us.
  1. Who We Are
Prymefans is a subscription based social media company operated by Djenesys Technologies Limited and the Prymefans network. We are a U.S based social media startup.
To contact us and for any enquiry please write us at support@prymefans.com  
  1. Updates and Changes
From time to time we will make changes and updates to Prymefans to provide our users and partners a better experience with a more efficient interface. These changes may come from the design interface, our business practices, security Updates, improve system performance, update payment systems, etc; and this will all come with a notice to all our Users.
“we do not guarantee that Prymefans and its content will always be available without interruptions but these updates are to ensure you have a more efficient and robust system.
  1. Terms Interpretation
    1. Our website and App is called Prymefans, which is a subsidiary of Prymefans
    2. Any and all references to "we", "our", "us" are references to Djenesys Technologies Limited, the operator of Prymefans
    3. User; this refers to everyone who has created and owns a Prymefans account
    4. Creator; this is a Prymefans User who has created and setup their account to create and share original content  (photo, video, text, live stream, etc) from any category (fitness, entertainment, modeling, influencers, etc), metadata, images, interactive features, emojis, GIFs, memes, etc
    5. Fans; this is a User who follows a creators account and can engage with their content, likes, views, comment, share, message, tips, etc
    6. Referrals; this is when a User (Creator or Fan) invites and refer Prymefans to a nonuser
    7. Payments;
      1. Fan Payments; this refers to all payments paid by a fan for the creators content they are following or consuming. This ranges from requesting content, engaging with live content, accessing creators content, messaging, tips etc
      2. Creator Payments; this is all payments paid to the creator for the content they create on Prymefans. This payment will be 80% of total earned from their Fans
    8. U.S.A and U.K means the United States of America and the United Kingdom
  2. Own a Prymefans Account; to use Prymefans you must create, set up, and verify your account with a valid email address and phone number. You must choose a username, setup a secured password and update your profile photo.
    1. You must be 18 years and above to use Prymefans
    2. You must have a valid identification document (national ID card, Passport or drives license
    3. Content creators must own a bank account, mobile money account or any other payment option required by PRYMEFANS
  3. Payouts and Withdrawals to Creators; All payments from fans will be processed and received by a third party payment processor approved by Prymefans; Stripe, PayPal, ZuumPay, Bitcoin, Etc
    1. All stripe payments will be managed by stripe, creators will be paid 80% of their total revenue generated from fans and paid to their selected account in their name or any account in which they are a major controller
    2. Creators who choose mobile money or other payment options will have their funds paid out to them directly from Prymefans after collection from their fans.
    3. Your Prymefans account balance will be updated after every payment, withdrawal etc to fit how much you have left
    4. You will have a full display and statistics of all daily, weekly and monthly payments
    5. You must have at least the minimum payout amount in your Prymefans account to make a withdrawal of Creator Earnings
    6. Balance; the balance is the actual amount left in your Prymefans account that can be withdrawn while Wallet is the total amount generated in sales by the creator
    7. Hold back Earnings; we might holdback a creators earnings when
      1. They bridge out terms and policies
      2. They haven’t archived the minimum withdrawal amount
      3. If you in anyway share non original content, pirated or stolen content
      4. If we suspect that all or any part of the Creator Earnings result from unlawful activity, either by you or by the Fan who made the Fan Payment resulting in the Creator Earnings, for as long as is necessary to investigate the actual, threatened or suspected breach by you or the suspected unlawful activity (as applicable).
  4. Agencies CANNOT be creators on Prymefans; every User labeled “Creator” on Prymefans has to personally own and manage their accounts with full control on their content and finances.
  5. Creators, Content and Earnings; A creator is a Prymefans User that creates and shares content on the Prymefans platform in forms of “Text, Video, Live Stream, etc”.
    1. The terms for all Users also apply to all Creators
    2. Our privacy policy, referral policy and any other legal terms related to Prymefans applies to creators as well
    3. Setting Up Your Creator Account
      1. Create and Register a Prymefans User account
      2. Setup your Prymefans account with your photo, background image, and upload your valid ID
      3. Setup your address and location
      4. Add your bank account or payment details via which you will need to be paid into
      5. Setup your age Date of Birth (D.O.B) and follow the ID verification procedures
      6. Once verified and approved, you will be able to start adding your content and interacting with your fans
    4. Fan Subscriptions and Purchases
      1. Once a fan pays for your customized content, they are allowed full and exclusive access to your content
      2. All fan payments are managed and processed by third party processors; stripe, ZuumPay, PayPal, Bitcoin, etc
      3. All payments made will reflect on your wallet balance excluding Prymefans commission (that’s all 80% paid to you)
    5. Content Status
      1. All contents you share on Prymefans are to be exclusive content of you “(you shall not copy, pirate other Users content from other sources)
      2. The content shared should have full rights belonging to you or you should have valid license to share said content
      3. Make sure you have secured any and all rights on content that include third party material
      4. Every content should be of best quality, have a description, pricing and in any form of advertising of such content
      5. You agree that we are indemnified and you are liable if any of the warranties are violated; that means you will be solely responsible for a ny lose or damages incurred
      6. If you upload and share any content with another individual(s) other than yourself, you agree that
        1. The individual has given you their express consent to appear in said content
        2. They are a creator with a creator account on Prymefans
        3. Have approved to be a co-author on your share content
    6. Payouts and Withdrawals
      1. Visit section 5 above on this topic
  6.  As Applied to Fans this purposefully apply to Users who Use Prymefans only as Fans
    1. Account and Subscription
      1. Register for an active Prymefans account
      2. Setup your account by providing the required information
      3. Credit your account wallet for tips and subscription purposes
    2. You must be 18 years old as a minimum age requirement
    3. Adult Material: You acknowledge that you’re aware that the some of the creators and content you will be engaging with on Prymefans contains adult material and you agree to willingly consume such content and follow said creator and we (Prymefans) are not liable if you suffer any loss or damage from accessing said content
    4. Subscriptions and Payments
      1. You make all subscriptions by willingly paying for them from your account
      2. All payments and pricing of content for subscription are set up by the creator you follow and not Prymefans
      3. All fan payments are exclusive from Vat, which shall be included at the current rate as applicable to fans
      4. You must add a payment card, or credit your wallet before you can consume content from creators
      5. You approve that will allow a third party processor to access your details for the purpose if processing your payments
      6. All payments processed will be done either monthly, or via tips as setup by the creator account you’re subscribed to
      7. You can cancel your subscription at anytime
    5. We hold the rights to suspend your account or your account can be blocked by  creator and you will have to follow the steps to retrieve your account or be deleted from our system and all payments made will end on the time of said subscription running its monthly course.

This Policy applies to your use of Prymefans, of any of our platforms; website and applications, and all contents and stands as a form of your agreement with us;
  1. Your must be 18 years old to access and Use Prymefans
  2. ONLY use Prymefans for its intended purposes
  3. DO NOT
    1. Attempt to illegally access, hack, manipulate Prymefans, it’s Prymefans or any of our partners and third party systems
    2. Create, upload, or publish content on Prymefans that is illegal, hateful, racist, harassing, racist, defamatory, fraudulent or promotes violence
    3. Create, upload or publish any content that refers to
      1. Any individual under the age of 18 years old,
      2. That include other individuals without their written consent
    4. Show, promote or share content that encourages
      1. Violence, sexual assault, lack of consent, Rape, Hypnosis, mutilation of any kind, abuse of sexual nature
      2. Incest
      3. Necrophilia
      4. Bestiality
      5. Weapons, firearms, or controlled substances
      6. Terrorism or violence
      7. Self-harm of suicide
      8. Sex or human trafficking
      9. Fake or manipulated content of any kind
    5. Mislead or impersonate a Prymefans creator, or Us (Prymefans) or any of our employees for any reason such as endorsement, affiliate payments, subscription, etc
    6. Do not copy, screenshot or try to download any content from Prymefans (Do not attempt to decrypt Prymefans using any tool or software, robots, web crawlers, automated programs, bot spiders, or scripts etc to allow you illegally access any content or information on Prymefans)
    7. Do not use any software virus, Trojan horse, worms or logic bombs, or try to decompile, reverse engineer, or clone the codes of Prymefans
    8. Prymefans logo, slogan, or any related product of Prymefans for any purpose except from that permitted by our terms and policy
    1. Only registered Prymefans Users (Fan or Creator) can refer a new User and benefit from the referral program
    2. Every User has a unique referral link/code which will allow us identify all Users referred to Prymefans by them
    3. Every User who wants to participate on the referral program must have a and set up a bank account or payout option to receive their referral payments
    4. Referral Payments
      1. Once a referred User has become an approved Creator on Prymefans, we will pay the referring User a referral bonus of five percent (5%) of the fan payments generated by said creator across 12 months from the day the Creator is registered; this is for the total amount generated within the said time period
      2. Ensure that you  have a payout option that matches with Prymefans to facilitate easy payment of your referral benefits
      3. All referred payments will be made at the end of every calendar month (30 days)
      4. You can and we will only be paid for all referral Users who become Creators on Prymefans.

These Terms will be revised and updated regularly to ensure smooth dealings between you and Prymefans.