How it works

It is our belief that anyone who uses social media, and creates their own contents should be able to convert their fans and earn from it. Whether you are creating content from workout tutorials, cooking shows, photo uploads, modeling etc, your fans and followers will be willing to pay for them.
Most followers and or fans have those profiles and people they just can’t wait to see what they are up to and willing to pay for exclusive access for them. Prymefans allows everyone to share and engage with their favorite profiles and the people behind them in every capacity… that’s a great benefit of Prymefans, everyone benefits.
Prymefans opens a unique opportunity for every influencer, content creator, or social media account holder with a huge enough following to turn those followers into paying fans. Whether you are the creator or you could join our unique referral program and earn 5% of the total earnings they make for a whole 12 months and $1 million from their account. All you need to do is copy and share your referral link, get them to sign up to Prymefans using your link and sit back, and watch your earnings grow.
The Prymefans platform is a social media platform that allows content creators with verified profiles to create and share content (photo, video, text, document, etc) for consumption by their fans locked behind a pay wall.
Prymefans will be made up primarily of content creator and fans (followers);
  • Creator; to be a Prymefans content creator with a verified account,
    • the content creator must have registered Prymefans account
    • setup and verify Prymefans account
    • have a payment information (bank, mobile money, wallet or bitcoin)
    • Have at least 1000 Instagram followers.
    • Engage with fans
    • Sends private and bulk messages
    • Gets paid and withdraw funds
  •  Fans (Follower)
    • Creates account
    • Engage with content creator profile
The fan follows and or subscribes to a Creators account/content. The creator is paid every month earn 80% of their total generated amount. The fan is allowed to pay a subscription fee of up to$500.

The more of your followers on your social media handles that are aware of your presence on Prymefans and subscribe to your account the more you earn from your community. Your primary revenue stream on Prymefans is subscription; you can also earn from private messaging, live video and cams, tips, etc.
Let’s say see a practical scenario;
Jane Doe has 200,000 Instagram followers and 50,000 Facebook followers and she gets three percent (3%) that will be 6000 to subscribe to her Prymefans account; Let’s say your monthly subscriptions $5 (2,750 xaf.), that will bring your direct revenue from subscription to thirty thousand dollars ($30,000) USD that will be over sixteen million, five hundred thousand frs.

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