About Us

Founded          June 2021
Owner             Djenesys Technologies
Status              Private
Office HQ        Austin, TX U.S.A
Investor           Mount Zion Living Saints

Prymefans allows content creators to give their fans instant access to their exclusive content by offering them monthly memberships and get paid for their content. With the freedom to express yourself and your art creatively the way you want in all genres, you allow your fans to connect to the real you and earn yourself a recurring income by taking back control and creating what you want for an active audience that loves you from all around the world.
Prymefans is a U.S based Cameroon venture operating from Austin, TX United States.

Our Mission
Prymefans was designed and created for content creators (celebrities, influencers, and creators from all genres) from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East to convert their social media followers (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc) into paying fans with a subscription based model as monetizing tool by granting access to exclusive content with a unique user experience and authentic connection with their fan base.
With our main goal to give African and third world nations content creators the opportunity to access the global social market and reap equal financial benefits and establish their own brand without any limitations of any kind.

Creators and Contents
Creators on Prymefans have full control over their content and account unlike other social networks and can express themselves to their fans in every way without fear of being banned, blocked or deleted. Every post created by a creator has a 70% reach to all their fans and every direct message has an 80% access by fans. This ensures that creators can freely engage with their fans and fans are fully informed by their creators thereby ensuring consistent engagement.

Prymefans can be reached at
Tel (USA): +1 (914) 989-0011
Tel (CMR): (+237) 678430608
Tel UAE: +971 56 118 0591